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Strengthening the dental unit of Tosamaganga Hospital, Tanzania
JUNE 2017

This Agreement is made this CUAMM - APA of Tanzania 2017
The Hospital of Tosamaganga, represented by Matteo Capuzzo and Giovanni Torelli, located in Dar es Salaam-Iringa
APA Friends of Africa, represented by Dino Azzalin, located in Via delle Vasche 2, Casciago –Varese (Italy)
Cuamm Varese, represented by Aurelio Sessa, located in Via Campigli 3 Varese (Italy)
Cuamm Trustees, represented by Matteo Capuzzo, located in New Bagamoyo Road, Plot n.14, PO Box 23447, Regent Estate, Dar es Salaam.

Medici con l'Africa CUAMM

APA Friends for Africa is a volunteer association that works in the dental field. APA officially born in 1999 but already in 1992 the first volunteer dentists, later founders, started collaboration with the Nkobu Hospital, a Kenyan village near to the Mount Kenya. APA is a laic and non-religious association whose main goal is to improve the overall quality of dental services by providing supplies and equipment and carrying out training activities for the local staff as well. Thanks to the missions of volunteers, such as dentists, dental technicians or assistants, APA aims at sending and installing the needed material for the health facility as well as to assess the quality of service provided in order to implement and strengthen the quality of services related to dental health.

The District Designated Hospital (DDH) of Tosamaganga, built in 1968, belongs to Catholic Diocese of Iringa. Thanks to the agreement signed with the local Government in 2009, the health facility is formally recognised as District Hospital with a catchment area of about 285,000 people.
The hospital has a capacity of 165 beds and the comprehensive Outpatients Department includes: the Adult and Child Clinic, the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH), the Care and Treatment Centre (CTC), the TB unit, the Dental Unit, the Minor Theatre, while Laboratory and Radiology are the available diagnostic services.

Cuamm Varese is a support group involved in awareness-raising initiatives by proposing fundraising activities to support specific projects

Cuamm Trustees has been working in Tanzania since 1968, in order to offer equitable and accessible health services and to train human resources and improve their distribution in districts and peripheral areas as well. From 1970 Cuamm collaborates with Tosamaganga DDH in order to increase accessibility and quality of hospitals and community based services.


The idea of the project has been developed in 2016 on the request of the Director of the Hospital to restore the existing dental unit at Tosamaganga DDH. According to this, A.P.A (Friends for Africa) started collaboration with the Hospital aiming at sending A.P.A volunteers in order to improve the quality of the existing dental unit and to strengthen the overall service and dental care, actually limited to the extractive therapy.


The objective of the collaboration is to improve the quality of the service provided by the dental unit of Tosamaganga DDH through the supply of new equipment and consumables and the training of the personnel in charge of the unit.


Need assessment of the Dental Unit at Tosamaganga DDH through the mission of N. 1 expatriate volunteer.
Provide the necessary materials and equipment.
Purchase of disposable material including: gowns, gloves, sterile headband, scalpel, suture, gauze, wipes, special waste goggles, needles, anaesthetics;
Purchase of a complete dental unit with a unit, surgical suction system, new ultrasound, light-curing lamp;
Supply of specific instruments for diagnosis (spatulas, endodontic instruments, surgical instruments including clamps, levers, hooks and dams for fillings, etc);
Supply of materials for sterilization and cleaning of surgical instruments (disinfectants, tools for cold sterilization).
Training on the job and follow-up activities for the local staff through missions of expatriate volunteers.

Role and responsibilities of the Tosamaganga Hospital

The Tosamaganga DDH will ensure that the aims of the project will be respected by actively collaborating with A.P.A (Friends for Africa).
The Hospital is committed to proceed with the purchase of material and equipment, supervise the work of staff and is responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the equipment provided.
The Hospital is committed to collaborate with APA in identifying the necessary material to purchase.

Role and responsibilities of APA

APA (Friends for Africa) is committed to carry out a need assessment and to identify material and equipment to be purchased for the Dental Unit located at Tosamaganga DDH through the mission of one Medical Dentist Doctor Specialist (June 2017).
In addition, A.P.A: is committed to -provide the financial support for the purchase, transport and installation of the equipment of the Dental Unit identified by the assessment carried out during the field visit of June 17; to provide a technical supervision and assistance for the materials and equipment to be purchased.
The financial support will be directly sent to Tosamaganga Hospital.
APA is also in charge for the training of personnel through mission of specialized personnel.

Role and responsibilities of the Cuamm Varese

Cuamm-Varese is committed to collaborate to this project by providing an amount which does not have to exceed the 20% of the total expenses that will be agreed after the assessment of the Medical Dentist Doctor Specialist.

Role and responsibilities of the Cuamm Trustees

Cuamm Trustees, as member of the management team of Tosamaganga hospital:
will guarantee a supervisory and monitoring role of the activities;
will ensure a monitoring role during the purchase phase of the material and will supervise all the operations related to it;
will provide logistical support during the mission of the A.P.A volunteer: local transport, hospitality in Cuamm guest house, support in order to obtain the business VISA.


This MoU will enter into force on four (4) years and will have duration of 48 months / years or until the date juanyary 2021

Final Provisions

Amendments or updates to this Agreement will be possible for both Parties, upon prior consultation with the other Party. Any Amendment or update must be seen in view of achieving project’s objectives, and to make the best use of the financial and human resources available.
The Party who seeks to amend, alter or modify the MoU must give written notice of no less than three (3) months, and Amendments shall be applied if both Parties agree to the changes.
No modification or change in this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable by and against either Party unless provided by a written amendment to this Agreement, signed by a duly Authorized Officer of all the Parties.


The undersigned, duly authorized by the respective Parties, have set their respective hands the day and year first abovementioned, and signed this Agreement in four (4) original copies of equal content in manner that appears herein.